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Flower Arrangements

We use cardsave to process your credit cards people are having problems ordering flowers when they get to the cardsave gateway to process your card. You have to enter your home address, postcode and house number which the card is registered to.  Many transactions are being declined because of AVS policy which stands for the Address Verification System. It is a fraud-screening tool used to verify that  the street address and postcode matches the billing address information on file with a customer's credit card issuing bank. Please only try once your card is charged and the money held for 5 working days if the transaction fails before the money is returns strange bank practice. Harry 

Ps email with a screen shot of your order I can send paypal request for payment.

We've been delivering Flower Arrangements throughout Belfast and the surrounding areas for  over 40 years. A beautiful basket of seasonal flowers, which will be changed to keep up with the seasonal trends, and  sells well is Radience.  If you're looking for something a little different Amelie always sells well , we have a wide range of Flower Arrangements  to choose from.